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Welcome to Corporate Finance TV. We provide free, accessible information for entrepreneurs, wealth creators and business owners. If you are looking to sell your business to the right buyer, or raise finance for your business, our series of video interviews are designed to give you the information you need in a concise and accessible way to help you make a more informed decision.

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We have created hundreds of short films featuring finance and business experts to provide free, vital information for entrepreneurs, directors and owner-managers. Information which could significantly improve your wealth.

How long does the Sale of a Business Take?

Neil Ackroyd

Neil Ackroyd is the Founder and principle interviewer at Corporate Finance TV.

Richard Whitwell

Richard is currently the Chairman of CFTV as well as having over 15 years experience as a corporate financier.

Corporate finance explained

Our focus, in our day to day business, is on getting the maximum value, best fit purchaser and priority on the ideal outcome for the owner or management team when selling a business. This includes looking at the structure of the business, pre-empting any potential issues and, among other things, conducting the sale in the most tax-efficient way. Putting the entrepreneur first.

Free information helping business owners, investors and managers make the right decisions when selling a business

We have over 350 free-to-view short films which explain the processes involved in a company sale from the point of view of corporate financiers, venture capitalists, bankers, tax experts and legal advisors. In our "actual deal" series we interview business owners and provide valuable insights from entrepreneurs who have sold their businesses.

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